The next generation of stablecoins

The future of money is here

Get the store-of-value power of Bitcoin with the price stability of fiat

Super stable digital money

The first ecosystem of deflationary stablecoins pegged to real goods price. Sound money that holds purchasing power over time better than fiat stablecoins without price volatility.

Fully collateralized

Geminon is the only stablecoin protocol that backs its governance token with collateral rather than just the stablecoins.

Backed by gold

The first stablecoin protocol to include tokenized gold in its collateral along with bitcoin and other crypto assets.

Protocol features

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Deflationary Stablecoins

Digital currencies pegged to a price index instead to an inflationary fiat currency and backed with the best quality collateral.

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Lower volatility

The combination of elastic supply, full liquidity and gold as collateral achieves a linear variation of the price versus the total amount of collateral.

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Treasury Lending

Borrow directly from the protocol treasury with the lowest interest among all DeFi protocols.

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Bridge Between Chains

Native multichain design for fast, cheap and safe cross-chain transactions, with unlimited liquidity and no additional swaps of bridge tokens.

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Collateral Mining

GEX supply is minted and burned providing collateral to the Genesis Liquidity Pools.

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Total Protocol Liquidity

All the collateral is available as liquidity in our Genesis Liquidity Pools helping to furthermore reduce volatility.


Q2 2022
  • Whitepaper
  • Web site
  • MVP development
  • App development
Q3 2022
  • Genesis Liquidity Pools
  • US CPI stablecoin
  • Euro CPI stablecoin
  • USD fiat stablecoin
Q4 2022
  • EUR fiat stablecoin
  • Stablecoin swaps
  • Treasury Lending
  • P2P Lending / borrowing
  • Multichain bridge
  • Arbitrage module
  • Governance
  • Privacy layer

Economic design

The protocol is designed to be the most economically sound and least volatile of all cryptocurrencies, next to Bitcoin.

  • The protocol generates fees from minting and redeeming stablecoins, internal swaps, treasury lending, multichain bridge fees, arbitrage and through DEX swaps thanks to the protocol owned liquidity.
  • $GEX holders get value through seigniorage and scarcity. Stablecoins can only be minted using $GEX.
  • The token $GEX is fully collateralized. Each and every one of the minted tokens needs to be backed by collateral. This means that even the team do not have any reserved supply and they need to provide the required collateral through the Genesis Liquidity Pools as everyone else.
  • Collateral mining: after the launch, the supply of $GEX can only be mined by providing collateral at market prices. No one can get tokens printed out of thin air at the expense of other investors.
  • Collateral as liquidity: all reserve assets are fully available for redemption through proprietary pools, providing full liquidity and minimal volatility.
  • Variable interest rate on loans and dynamic fees are used to further improve the stability of the protocol.

GEX tokenomics

Fair launch:

  • 100 % Collateral mining: GEX can only be minted supplying collateral to the Genesis Liquidity Pools.
  • No Venture Capital, seed or private investors.
  • No presale or IDO.
  • The team has not any supply reserved.
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